Brennan Moore

I'm passionate about building innovative digital products people love.


Over the past 12 years, I've built web-based tools for non-profits, art collectors, bike shares, e-commerce companies. I am currently building tools for a healthcare services business to address root causes of health for underserved populations and working on a personal project to help people quickly prepare for meetings.


Your information filtration system. Kelp infers associations between information, such as between a person, a meeting with the person and document edits by the person. It then uses those relationships to surface relevant documents when you need them most. Kelp prioritizes privacy by running entirely on the user’s computer.

Cityblock Health

Founding team member helping build a scalable solution to address the root causes of health for underserved urban populations. I ran the engineering team and am currently a principal engineer.


Director of Engineering, Software and Integrations during 2015. Lead the engineering team through first successful PCI compliance for Citi Bike. I also managed all in-house and contractor software development.


A personal project to use small interactive visualizations to help us understand the cities we live in.


Director of Web Engineering 2011-2014. I was responsible for making sure Artsy’s public facing web presence is fast and maintainable and that out custom built tools for live events such as art fairs and auction worked well.


Created in 2010, Poyozo helps you keep track of and understand your life by integrating automatic life-tracking with simple visualizations that you can use every day.


Context-sensitive automation using heterogeneous information sources on the web. This project is essentially a precursor to IFTTT but ran on the user’s local computer to keep their data safe.


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Assisted Self Reflection: Combining Lifetracking, Sensemaking, & Personal Information Management

Brennan Moore, Max Van Kleek, David R. Karger, mc schraefel

Atomate it! end-user context-sensitive automation using heterogeneous information sources on the web

Max Van Kleek, Brennan Moore, David R Karger, Paul André, M C Schraefe

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